Christ Cares Ministry

Christian HIV/AIDS education and assistance for Malawi's Youth

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About ChristCares Ministries

Christ Cares Ministries (C.C.M.) is a youth-led, nonprofit making, and community based organization that was established in 2008 as a youth organization to promote the welfare of the less privileged children and youths in their own communities.  The ministry helps to fight against challenges faced by young people in Malawi by equipping the children and youths, spiritually, academically and socially with life management skills so that they can achieve their life goals and change their communities.



CCM seeks to improve the academic performance of children who struggle in some areas of study and to provide guidance as well as extracurricular programs for youth.

The AfterSchool program seeks to improve the academic performance of children and equip them with life skills necessary for their day-to-day lives. The AfterSchool program includes a nutritious meal every meeting day, and it provides extracurricular activities that enrich the lives of children and promote their physical, mental, and social well-being. Recreational activities, such as soccer and volleyball help provide safe, healthy, and fun activities for youth during after-school hours.


ChristCares Ministries uplifts the lives of over 150 campers during summer every year.  In the August 2012 summer camp, the campers–ranging from 5th to 12th graders–were tutored in 3 key academic key subjects: English, Math, and Science.  They also learned Bible lessons, enjoyed lots of recreational activities, and had a lot of fun.


Stories about the state of education for most children in the Kanengo district on the outskirts of Lilongwe sound something like a folk tales. Over 100 pupils in one classroom, an increasing number of school dropouts due to financial restraints, and walking 2 hours to go to school–almost 4 hours round trip.

To help reduce these challenges faced by school children in the surrounding target areas, CCM established a high school that accommodates no more than 50 children per class, with efforts to enhance academic excellence among underprivileged children and the orphans in our target communities. Due to lack of funds to construct our own school building, CCM uses borrowed public premises, which still is 2 hours walking distance outside the community where most of our students live. With a budget of $25,000 CCM can build a school block of two classes with the capacity to contain 40-50 students in each class.


If you were to visit CCM today, you would see bright, happy, smiling faces of children–not because they are playing with luxurious toys nor that they have best food on their dining table. It is because our children are shown the love and kindness of sponsors and immediate caretakers who nurture these children with whatever resources they have.

Currently and by faith, the high school project has 80 enrolled students.  High school education in Malawi is not free, and this is a huge challenge to our students. It is our goal to see more children have sponsorships to stay in school.


CCM hosts interns of diverse skills and from across the world.  This year there were three local interns and one from overseas. Among other things, interns can teach English classes, run sports and other activities, and instruct youth on HIV/Aids awareness.

Some groups also come as volunteers either on short- or long-term mission trips.  Last year the ministry hosted the mission team from Epiphany Church of Philadelphia, and it was a wonderful experience.  Among other activities, the team held youth pastor leadership training  and facilitated various camp activities in recreation and Bible lessons.


This program equips children and youth with life management skills and moral values to make good choices, participate in public life, and make healthy decisions.  Our aim is to help reduce the percentage of early or forced marriages and unwanted pregnancies among students.  This program has increased the enrollment of girls in school and has provided counselling for girls who come from abusive home situations.


We offer  hands-on leadership and job training to secondary school students and graduates, and help them transition to college.

Through this program, 7 youths have been hired and equipped with basic leadership skills and job experience each year.  They are given stipends which in return they use to earn a living or pay for school to achieve their academic goals. The program is critical in that it provides and mobilizes role models in the community who set an example by combating poverty, illiteracy, early marriages, and lack of ambition among children.



  • Change of academic performance with excellent grades for high school.

  • Increased awareness of HIV/AIDS among the youth of fifteenth villages.

  • Increase in the number of girls attending high school.

  • Spiritual growth among the kids.



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